Different Types Of Dumpsters
Written by Brian Waters

Different Types Of Dumpsters

If you are wondering what the different types of dumpsters are, this post should help! A dumpster and various large waste containers are referred to by size, their load type and method of transportation. By understanding these three differences, you can better determine the best type of waste receptacle for your specific project.

Garbage Trucks

The garbage truck type that is used will be the determining factor in the form of dumpster you can use. Garbage trucks have two main types: back loader and front loader. A front loader is exclusively used for picking up a front-loaded receptacle, and back loaders are used for trash cans, and rear-loading bins. There are types which make use of robotic arms for automatically emptying out a trash can from the road-side. Also, roll-off trucks area available for handling longer, open top dumpsters commonly seen on construction sites.

Front Loader Dumpsters

Both rear-loader and front-loader waste receptacles have similar sizes. The key difference being the way the truck manages them. Front loaders are designed with slots on either side for the truck to insert front spikes in, and lift. These spikes are locked into place, ensuring the waste receptacle is secured during lifting over the truck, being dumped directly into the garbage container through the top. These types of units come in 2 cubic yards, up to 8 cubic yards in size.

Rear Loader Dumpsters

The loading mechanism of a rear-loading waste receptacle has a more complex design. It involves a winch and hinge system. The first process includes two extending poles from the waste receptacles front lip get locked into position above the bottom lip within the dump trucks opening. Then, a hook which is attached to a winch gets positioned and fastened to a hole located on the receptacles back lip. This hook helps to pull the bin up until the trash inside is emptied in the dump truck. These unit types come in a range between 2 cubic yards up to 8 cubic yards.

Roll Off Dumpsters

The roll-off waste receptacles are the biggest types of bins, which range up to 40 cubic yards. These types of units are loaded with a metal sled and winch, or a robotic arm. When using a robotic arm system, the bin is grabbed by a hook located at the end of the waste receptacle, which gets pulled onto the truck bed. Whereas, the sled and winch approach require lifting the metal sled from the truck bed at an angle of 45-degrees. Then, the bin is hitched on a winch, pulled onto the metal sled, and as the receptacle is moved up the sled it is tilted back into a horizontal position.

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