How Much Do Dumpster Rentals Cost?
Written by Brian Waters

How Much Do Dumpster Rentals Cost?

When you are planning a remodel or major yard cleanup you’re going to need a dumpster.  The most common question is “how much do dumpster rentals cost?” While costs vary from company to company and on which size you choose, this post will go over a lot of the average costs for renting a dumpster.  If you plan on cleaning a bunch of stuff out of your home, or you are cleaning up after a construction project, then you may want to rent a dumpster. This will let you dispose of a bunch of items at a once and it is much easier than having to make multiple trips. The cost to rent a dumpster can be hard to predict, and it may be something that a person thinks is more expensive than it really it. The average cost to rent a dumpster is going to be around (please call).

You will need to locate a local debris removal service for your area to get the best results which include getting a dumpster. Once you have figured out who you are going to go with, then there will be a few factors that will affect the cost of your dumpster.

Average Dumpster Size

What dumpster size you get will depend on what you will need it for. Will you be doing minor renovation like a small kitchen or bathroom? Are you renovating larger rooms or doing a whole house makeover? Are you gutting a house and completely redoing the house? Here are the most common sizes for dumpsters that are requested and the average national prices for them:

10 Yard: 2 ft High x 16 ft Long x 8 ft wide; great for light projects; Starts at about (please call).

20 Yard: 3.5 ft high x 20 ft long x 8 ft wide; great for medium projects; starts at about (please call)

30 Yard: 5 ft high x 22 ft long x 8 ft wide; best for remodeling, decluttering and interior projects; starts at about (please call) on top of the cost of remodeling.

While these are the most common sizes that are ordered for many residential projects, there are other sizes such as the 40 yards, 25 yards, 15 yards, and 12 yards. There are some projects that will need 50-yard dumpsters. But many of these sizes will not be available in your area.

If you only have a small project or very little space, there is another option. These are called bagsters which is a trademarked name. These are collapsible dumpsters. It can hold around 3,000 pounds of materials. You set it up and then fill it when your ready and then you call for it to be picked up. The cost will vary and are considered to be disposable, so you won’t get it back once it is hauled away. Pick up for these dumpsters are not in all areas, so check before you purchase one. The pick-up fees vary depending on where you live and normally you can get a discount if you have multiple bagsters picked up.

There is also an alternative to renting a dumpster which is hiring junk removal services. You will have to gather your junk and then they will come get it. Normally the cost will be based on how much is in the truck. The normal costs vary with an added costs per eighth of the truck taken up. While this is less expensive, it also is a service that is not available in all areas. Also, it isn’t aimed at construction or renovation clean up. It is best for removing old junk such as furniture. Plus, most of these companies will take your items to a recycling center.

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What size Dumpsters will I need?

There isn’t a easy and quick way to figure out what dumpster size you will need. The dumpster provider will need to know the types of materials that you will be putting in the dumpster as well as how much. It will come down the weight of the load that the dumpster can handle. 10 cubic yards of aluminum siding will weigh less than 10 cubic yards of concrete.

Other Factors for Cost

There is often more to renting dumpsters than just renting it. There are somethings that the supplier and you will need to know about your project before you get to a price.

Rental Length

How long will you keep the dumpster? Many companies will list the price by the week. Normally, dumpster providers will not discount if you need the dumpster for one to two days. This is due to the cost of dropping off the dumpster, picking the dumpster up, and then taking it to be emptied will be the same for the rental provider no matter how long you have the dumpster. However, during high demand times, normally right before the summer heat and after the rainy season, the provider may provide you with a small discount in order to get the dumpster back earlier. It doesn’t hurt to ask about it.

If you are going to need the dumpster for more than a week, then there will be extra costs. Since the unit is already delivered, the extra week may not cost you the same price as the first week. Companies what they charge after the first week.

Availability of the Dumpster

Not all dumpster providers will all size dumpsters for your area, even if it is in the same provider. They could have the 30, 10 and 20-yard dumpsters available in areas that have a lot of residential homes, but 50 and 40-yard dumpsters in a different community that has more industrial projects.

Remember that the cost of transporting dumpsters to your house will be included in your estimate, but having one that will be sent from a different location could cost you more. For instance, if you only want a 12-yard dumpster but your local provider did not have one, it may be more cost effective to go up a size than have them bring the 12-yard dumpster from a different location.

Dump Fees

Normally this is included as part of the cost. The dump fees will vary depending on your area. San Diego, California for instance will charge $110 for less than 2 tons of demolition/construction waste but $115 for 2 tons or more. In Idaho, it is about $25 per ton but for Massachusetts it is around $115 per ton.

The dump fee will be decided by the free market economy. When there isn’t competition, the prices will be much higher. When there is competition, the prices will be much lower as they are trying to get your business.

Weight and Type of Waste

All trash will not be equal. Some will be recyclable, while some is not. Some trash will have elements that may be considered to be hazardous. Some trash will be heavier, which means a greater load on the dumpster. The supplier of the dumpster will provide you with a list of what is not allowed in your dumpster. You can be charged a bunch extra, if you put prohibited items into your dumpster rental.

Normally, rented dumpsters are used demolition/construction waste. This includes small appliances, roofing materials, flooring, foam, wire, carpeting, yard waste, drywall, siding, and wood. Prohibited items are normally include paints, things that use Freon such as AC units and refrigerators, pesticides, automotive fluids, batteries, and computers.

There are some items that may not be prohibited, but they can cost extra. These may be mattresses, large appliances and tires. So, check with your provider before you place them in the dumpster.

Dumpsters are often rated by the weight. A 30-yard dumpster can hold 8,000 pounds of waste or 4 tons. Whenever your dumpster is picked up to be emptied, it will be weighed at the waste area. After it is emptied, then it is weighed again. The waste amount that was in the dumpster is the difference. If you exceeded the dumpster weight capacity, then you will be charged overage fees. This can range varies per ton that is over, which depends on the fees at the landfill in your area.


A permit is normally needed to place a dumpster. In some areas, like New Orleans, will need a permit if the dumpster will be in public view. Others will need a permit if the dumpster is going to be on a public street. Any dumpster that is blocking the public right of way like a sidewalk or traffic lane will need a permit.

Often the dumpster provider will provide a basic permit that is needed to obtain the dumpster. As long as the company can get to the dumpster on the property, and as long as it is on your property, you won’t have to have any other permit. Be sure to check the codes in your area first.

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Waste from renovations and demolitions can build up fast. Even if you have many friends who have pick up trucks who can help, most projects can make a lot of waste and burn gas. Renting a dumpster can save you driving and labor and make sure that everything is properly done right down to usage of the landfill.  Find AZ Pyramid Services dumpster rental costs here.

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