Renting A Dumpster Vs Junk Removal: What’s Better For DIY Projects?
Written by Brian Waters

Daily Dumpster Rental Ideas

Primary reason people ask this question is that they always wonder if it possible that they get a discount when renting for only one day. In short, the answer is typically no. Whether you are needing the dumpster for one day, five days, or even seven this will not impact the rate of your dumpster rental. Most rental companies when offering their services include a typical length of time which is generally around a week or so for just the same price.

Why Can’t You Do Discounts for One Day Dumpster Rentals?

The reason being is that the pricing of the service and delivery of the dumpster and even picking it and dumping it and the whole process will still be the same rate for the company being rented from. Whether or not it is a single day or even several days.

Are There Any Dumpster Rental Companies That Offer Price Reductions for Shorter Term Rentals?

Yes, there are some dumpster rental companies that you may negotiate with for lower rates. Typically, this would be for around one to three days, is when you can sneak deals in like that or even during their busy seasons. If a rental company is having higher than usual volume and inventory is lower than normal, they will possibly be more inclined to offer a small discounted rate for a speedy return of the rental. On another hand, smaller companies with smaller inventory to rent out may also be very motivated to offer discounted rates to be able to rent out the dumpster quickly and get it back again to rinse and repeat this cycle. Of course, though larger companies with bigger fleets ready and available to rent the same day may not be inclined to give any sort of discounts for short term rentals.

So How Much Am I looking To Spend If I want To Rent the Dumpster for One day or Two?

Take a look at our other pages in regards to our 20-yard rentals, even 30, or 40. The pricing typically includes above one days’ rentals, although as a reference point it should give you a good idea of competitive pricing for a dumpster rental service.

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