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Dumpster Loading Tips

Rebuilds and renovations are a dirty and backbreaking business that takes a lot of work and focus. With some luck everything is on track on staying on budget. While ripping out everything including the kitchen sink it’s easy to make huge mounds of waste in the dumpsters.

It probably seems like if everything is inside the dumpster and not laying on the street that you are good to go. There are a few guidelines that should be followed when using rental dumpsters. Safety is always priority #1 and when loading a dumpster you should think about safety. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a successful remodel or renovation of your home.

Know What Hazardous Waste Is

Most of us don’t consider what we have in our homes as hazardous waste. It doesn’t glow green or give any of us super powers, so it must not be hazardous. When you are remodeling or cleaning out a shed or house there are some products that are common to homes in the United States that are considered hazardous.  The cleaners we have in our homes are considered hazardous, so is paint, solvents, pesticides, and fertilizers. These items should not be thrown in with the construction waste and need to be disposed of at the proper facility, or hazardous waste pickup. The dumpster is also not a place for old electronics. Don’t throw your old computers, TV’s, or batteries in the dumpsters.

Watch The Dumpster Door

Most dumpsters are equipped with doors on one or both ends. These doors are there for the cleaning of dumpsters after they have been used. These doors are commonly opened up for easier loading. While that is not the designed purpose it is a fact of life. If the door is not secured properly when items are being loaded against the door, it can swing open and dump garbage. Not only can this be a hassle but it can be potentially dangerous to people standing in the area, or if a vehicle is parked nearby.

Overfilling the Dumpster

When we pay for something it is human nature to want to get the biggest bang for our buck. While this urge might be hard to resist when piling everything you need to get rid of from your job site it can end up causing you problems. If the dumpster is overfilled it can pose a risk to bystanders. Wind or settling can allow items to move and possibly slide out and fall onto the sidewalk or street. In addition there are states that will not allow the pickup an over filled dumpster.  If this happens you’ll be required to remove the excess waste before the dumpster can be removed.

Lightweight Items In the Dumpster

During renovations there are a lot of lightweight materials that comes out of houses. This lightweight material can get blown out of the dumpster during transport and end up on our highways. The types of lightweight material that are common in renovation projects are things like old wallpaper, fiberglass insulation, cardboard, or even ceiling tiles. Naturally you need to get rid of these materials in the dumpster, but make sure that they are weight down and covered by heavier materials.

Distribute The Weight Evenly

Landscaping and construction projects many times mean getting rid of heavy materials. If all of the heaviest material ends up on one side, or in the back or front of the dumpster it can affect the way the truck drives. For highway safety and the safety of the truck driver it’s best if the weight is evenly distributed in the dumpster.

Dumpster Rental – Phoenix Valley

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