Ways to Dispose of Renovation Waste
Written by Brian Waters

Ways to Dispose of Renovation Waste

Are you excited to try out textured plastering that you saw on a DIY show? Do you want to put your drill down when your favorite DIY show comes on? Can you hold your own in a conversation about basement plumbing with Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers?

If you have answered yes to any of these, then you must like DIY projects around your home. That can even mean that whether it is just replacing a roof to remodeling your bathroom, you know there will be that unwanted product from your projects which is the waste. It can often end up being more than you originally planned for and before you know it, you have glass, insulation, pipes, old plaster, and more spilling out of your garage and into the yard or onto the sidewalk.

So, how are you able to responsibly and cost effectively get ride of your renovation waste? Read the ways to dispose of renovation waste below.

Ways To Dispose Of Renovation Waste

There are ways to dispose of a good deal of your renovation waste through donation or drop off.  However most of what you’ll be tearing out isn’t going to come out in one piece and will need to be hauled to the dump.  Depending on the scope of your project you might be able to get rid of some of it by using your weekly trash pickup, while large projects will need roll off dumpsters due to the large volume of waste.

Donate Any Usable Materials

One man’s trash is going to be another person’s treasure. The mirror that you could not wait to get out of your house, might just be what someone has been looking for. The old fridge that you have when you replaced it with a brand-new model, may still work great for someone else.

If you have some bigger items that are in good working condition, you can donate them to different drop-off centers. A really popular one is ReStore, which is the national network of home improvement donation centers and stores that support Habitat for Humanity. Their donation centers will take different items like counter tops, windows, light fixtures, cabinets, working appliances, and other materials that can be reused in a building project. Most other organizations will take appliance donations and other items, so just check with them for donation rules.

If you happen to have old carpet you are throwing away, then try Carpet America Recovery Effort to find local companies who will recycle or reuse old carpeting, however there may be some cases where you will be charged a fee. Most of these groups will provide you with a receipt for the tax returns. Another thing you should keep in mind is that if you want to donate a lot of materials from your project, then be careful when you are removing them and keep them in good condition. Basically, when you go to swing that sledgehammer, ensure that you don’t crack that cabinets doors that you want to donate.

DIY Drop Off

For anything that is not able to be donated to be reused, you will have to find a landfill or dump to send your renovation waste. You are ready to do your own work, so why not make hauling the waste part of your project? The same principle of removing the middle man on a project helps to save money and it can even do so with waste disposal. Locate your local waste transfer station or landfill and take the waste there. Additionally, besides recycling some of your waste, they can even dispose of those non-recyclable waste in a safe way.

Before you head to your local landfill, you have to know what materials that will be disposed of and what section it goes to. This means that you will have to separate the items before going. For instance, many places will have certain places for old computers, scrap metal, copper, and large appliances. You will have to contact your local landfill for information on their rules. You will also need to have a trailer or flatbed truck to haul the waste.

Hire Professionals

There will be a few options that you can consider when you hire a professional to remove any renovation waste. It doesn’t matter what service you use, it is vital that you talk about what items will be removed and the size and amount of waste too.

  1. Use local garbage collection service: This is often a cheap way to go. If you want to do this, contact your local garbage service and ask about the pickup options for bulk waste. Inform them what will need to be picked up, including the sizes of large items and the item types. The garbage service will often charge for this service based on the weight or size of the waste.
  2. Rent a Roll off dumpster: These are large metal containers will be something that you need for large jobs which range between 10 cubic yards to 40 or more cubic yards. The large containers can be opened at an end so that you can walk into it and dump your items. You need to make sure that you will have plenty of space for this dumpster. If you don’t have enough space on your property, you can apply for a permit to place it on the road. Keep in mind that these are rented by the month or by the week, so the longer that you keep it, the more that you will end up paying. Ensure that you check with your rental company about what restrictions there are.
  3. Consider collapsible dumpster: This is a newer solution that works well for medium to small sized waste. The most widely known collapsible dumpster is the Bagster, which will hold around 3,500 pounds of waste. Here is how it works. You have to make sure its available in your area. If you are using the Bagster, then you can do this on their site. Go and purchase the dumpster, many waste management companies and hardware stores will have them. Take the dumpster home and then fill it up, then call the pick-up service to schedule collection. Because you are purchasing the bin, as well as for the collection, this will cost more than just regular pick-up.

Do not make waste disposal a form of money wasting. Research and find the most cost effective and efficient method for your project.

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