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Written by Brian Waters

How To Get A Dumpster Permit

Obtaining a dumpster permit is a straightforward process in a lot of jurisdictions.

Actually, many cities have a requirement that the dumpster rental company you rent from to pull the permits for you.

Also, in cities that do not require permits, the dumpster rental company can be a helpful source of information as far as pulling dumpster permits.

Request information from the dumpster rental company you’re renting from if a permit is required for your rental.

When the dumpster is going to be placed in the public eye, a permit is needed.

When the dumpster rental company takes care of the permit for you, you don’t need to anything else! If they don’t, go to the next step.

Get ahold of your local city hall by phone, online, or face to face.

Speak to the permit department, then fill out the dumpster permit application.

A lot of cities provide online dumpster permit application submissions.

It’s not unusual for the permit approval process taking three or more days days. Prearrange ahead and have the dumpster drop off fittingly.

Adhere to the rules detailed on the permit document and/or the information relayed to you by the employees at the permit office and the dumpster rental company.

Get a hold of the dumpster rental company to guarantee every requirement is met and rules are adhered to.

After the dumpster gets dropped off, fill it with your debris and have the dumpster rental company pick it up prior to the dumpster permit expiring.

If you are going to need more time, again speak to the permitting office and inquire about how to get an extension. Fee are going to apply.

Possible Fines

Not adhering to the city’s guidelines and regulations controlling dumpster use in the public eye could bring you fines.

Fines may cost more each day in some areas, and when the offense isn’t addressed, constant fines will heighten, and the penalties will get more severe.

Adhere to the rules and regulations and be fast when filling the dumpster.

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