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Renting A Dumpster For Garage Cleaning

The fall season brings cooler weather and many new cleaning tasks. Clearing out the garage may be next on your fall cleaning checklist. Renting a dumpster for this process can be invaluable. Here’s a look at some garage cleaning tips and where to rent a dumpster for your excess waste.

Do not underestimate how much waste you’ll produce when giving the garage a full cleaning. A dumpster rental is well worth the investment. Costs can vary, depending on the dumpster rental provider, of course. Always ask about extra charges that could be added on after your project has been completed. Most companies will hold you accountable when it comes to the weight limit. Additional charges will apply in most cases when your load comes in overweight. Another charge that can be added occurs when the renter needs the dumpster longer than expected. Some companies may charge $10+ per day for every extra day needed.Garage Cleaning Tips

The first thing that should be on your checklist for cleaning the garage is marking down what items you wish to keep. This can be done in several different ways. You can either mark the wanted items with stickers or set them all aside. Next up would be to remove everything from the garage area. This is will give you a great idea of how to use the space better when placing items back in the garage, post-cleaning. You can separate the wanted and unwanted materials in the driveway once everything has been moved from the garage area.

Knowing when and how to let go of an item is crucial. This is something many homeowners struggle with, regardless of what the item may be. Deciding what to throw out may be best left to the entire family. Being honest about use of some items and potential uses is necessary. Throw out or attempt to sell any items that are unneeded. Remember, regardless of the size of dumpster you choose to rent, there will be more than enough space for your discarded items.

Finding alternative storage or putting things away differently can be part of your fall cleaning project. If you have a storage unit, perhaps throwing products you rarely use or ones that only get used during spring, is always a good idea. Unique storage means hanging materials up inside your garage. Things like rakes, brooms or gardening tools can be hung. It also gives your garage a very stylish and sophisticated look. Try to contain all items in your garage, as well. You won’t want any materials loose around the area. This makes them harder to find, and can cause the garage to get messy quickly.

Quick and simple tips for garage cleaning:

  • Separate wanted and unwanted materials
  • Move everything out of the garage area
  • Let go of items you rarely use
  • Find alternative storage, if necessary
  • Organize materials for future needs

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