Dumpster Rental Tips
Written by Brian Waters

5 Success Tips for Renting a Dumpster (So You Don’t Learn the Hard Way!)

If you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, bath, living room, or perhaps you’ve finally convinced your spouse to clean out the attic, basement, garage, or all of the above, one thing you might be considering is renting a dumpster. This is a terrific idea, but if you’ve never rented one before, you should heed a few words of advice, so you don’t end up making some common mistakes.

Right about now you might be thinking, “It’s a dumpster! What could go wrong?!” This is exactly where many people run into problems because there are several myths surrounding dumpster rentals.

Save yourself some major hassles and take a few minutes to discover how you can make your dumpster rental a total success and not a total disaster.

Tip #1. Don’t Try to Place the Dumpster “Out of Sight”

Many homeowners are concerned with the appearance of their homes, which is understandable. They imagine that a great big dumpster parked in the street or in their driveway would be an unappealing eyesore. This causes some people to try to move the dumpster to their side or back yards.

Of course, if you have the space, this seems like a great idea. You will need at least 22 feet of free space above the dumpster to avoid possible accidents with electrical or other overhead cables.

Don’t forget that when it comes time to pick up the dumpster, the company will need to be able to access it. So, if the dumpster ends up behind several locked gates and/or you don’t plan on being available, you should rethink parking the dumpster in difficult to access locations.

One last thought; if you do plan on putting the dumpster in the street or in your driveway, check with your HOA or city government to see if you need a permit and how long the dumpster can legally be left there.

A dumpster in front of your home is not nearly as ugly as bags and bags of garbage or a pile of construction material left in your driveway!

Tip #2. Protect your site

This one goes hand in hand with Tip #1. If you have a brand new street or driveway, textured concrete, paver drive, wet dirt, steep incline or any other surface that is susceptible to damage look for an alternate spot to set the dumpster. The trucks are very heavy (up to 60,000 lbs including the dumpster and debris you load into it!) and large vehicles and steel dumpster wheels can cause damage. Request for your dumpster to be set on wood planks (which most companies will provide if you don’t have it already). This will greatly reduce any scuffing or cracking that can occur and make sure you don’t wind up with an unwanted visual reminder of your project.

Tip #3. Pick the Right Size Dumpster

Most people will try to save some money and choose the smallest dumpster possible. While this works for some projects, it can lead to the dumpster being accidentally overloaded. This will lead to an unpleasant charge later on when the dumpster is weighed!

Trust your rental company! Tell them what types of materials you plan to fill the dumpster with and the approximate size of your project. They are highly experienced and will tell you the appropriate size for your needs.

Tip #4. Consider the Company’s Reputation!

While it can be tempting to take the cheapest dumpster rental you can find, sometimes you get what you pay for. If the company has a reputation for being lax when it comes to delivering or picking up your dumpster, your project could be delayed, or you might get dinged by your HOA or city for leaving the dumpster sit too long.

Read online reviews or ask the company if they have any references from others who have used their service in your area. It may take a few extra minutes, but it can save you some serious cash.

Tip #5. Be Honest

Certain items require specific disposal requirements, such as paint, solvents, batteries, and electronic equipment such as televisions or computers. If you are going to be dumping items that might be considered hazardous waste, be sure to tell the company in advance, or, if you find out afterwards that you need items disposed of, call the company to ask what you should do.

Disposing of toxic substances and not telling the company can mean some pretty hefty fines. Don’t think that no one will notice if you mix in a few items with all the other trash, you can’t hide it. The contents of your dumpster are carefully monitored and sorted so those old paint cans won’t stay hidden for long.

Be honest, talk about what you need to dispose of, and you will be given solid advice that won’t hit you in the pocketbook later on.

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