Dumpster Rental FAQ
Written by Brian Waters

Dumpster Rental FAQ

Read on to learn more about some frequently asked questions regarding dumpster rental!

Can I mix junk and trash with roof shingles and other debris from construction?

Most dumpster rental companies prefer to have them separated. The same goes for yard waste, roof shingles and concrete. Some cities require that roofing shingles be recycled, and the same is often true for construction debris. In these cases, dumpster rental companies will require the dumpster to be clean-loaded, or loaded with only one type of debris. As a rule of thumb, you should not mix construction debris, concrete, yard debris, or roofing shingles with other wastes.

Can you put a mattress in a dumpster?

Not everywhere Many cities charge a fee for mattress disposal, so dumpster rental companies in these areas will not allow you to throw a mattress in the dumpster – at least not without charging you an additional fee to cover the expense.

Can tires be thrown in a dumpster?

It is not lawful to throw whole tires in a dumpster. However, some areas may allow cut tires to be disposed of in the general waste stream. Never put scrap tires in a dumpster without first discussing it with your dumpster rental provider.

Can furniture be thrown in a dumpster?

Yes, most furniture is acceptable, including wooden chairs, sofas and tables. Your local environmental regulations may limit certain furniture from dumpster disposal, such as upholstered items or chairs with electronics built-in (e.g., massage chairs or hospital beds). Check with your dumpster provider if you have furniture that contains electrical components.


Can a television be thrown in a dumpster?

In most cases, no. However, some dumpster rental companies may be able to accommodate this request if you make arrangements beforehand. You may incur additional fees for the e-waste disposal. Always ask if the dumpster rental company accepts TVs; never dispose of a TV in a dumpster.


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