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Choosing The Right Dumpster Cover

Control Storm Water Runoff

There are six types of activities which can greatly increase the chance of storm water runoff occurring. One of them is waste management. Every factory or facility uses some system for waste containment and disposal. Therefore, it is of vital importance companies learn about the danger of storm water runoff. They must store the waste in special areas and remove it without harming the environment.

The risks behind storm water runoff are high. They could lead to a chain of negative environmental effects. Some of the water from rains or melting snow does not seep into the soil but remains over the ground. While it could partially evaporate, most of that water will begin picking up pollution from cars, buildings, facilities, and other sources. The real problems occur as soon as the water reaches local rivers or lakes.The federal government has laws on how to cover dumpsters. There are additional regulations on a state or city level. According to the EPA and independent researches, some of the hazardous materials from storm water runoff could include nitrogen, grease, litter, phosphorous, and more. The water contamination can seriously impact the quality of urban surface waters. Every company which deals with dangerous waste must have a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan in place.

Most Common Issue

One of the most common problems when fighting against storm water runoff would be dealing with open dumpsters. During heavy rainfall, pollution could escape and cause damage to the local environment. Dumpsters without a cover or proper seal could lead to leakages and water contamination. Therefore, waste containment is the first thing a company has to do to avoid storm water runoffs.

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