How Much Do 40 Yard Dumpster Rentals Cost?
Written by Brian Waters

5 Things You Should Not Throw In Dumpsters

It is important to remember some items cannot be put in dumpsters for environmental as well as health and safety reasons – to avoid these items ending up in landfills. These guidelines are regulated by the federal government. Read on to learn about five things you cannot throw away in dumpsters.

Heavy Materials

Bricks, asphalt, concrete, tires from vehicles, mortar and concrete should not be put into dumpsters and landfill employees have to remove these items. The life of the dumpster will be vastly reduced when filled with heavy materials such as those just mentioned. Check the local kerbside guidelines with your local authority for proper disposal.


Although it may be tempting, do not dump old paint cans into a dumpster. The chemicals and oils in paint risk poisoning our water supplies should they leak at the landfill.


Computer accessories, appliances, and computers contain harmful chemicals similar to those in batteries. Nearly twenty states have banned electronic item disposal in landfills.


As batteries contain lead, mercury, and cadmium, as well as other chemicals that are poisonous, they can be very harmful indeed. True, a small amount will not make a large difference, but the problem is there is such a volume of batteries to dispose of. Similarly, cellular telephones contain many of the same chemicals. That is why some retailers offer to take batteries back and dispose of them appropriately.


Chemical wastes are not accepted at most landfills and this includes automobile oil, transmission fluid, household cleaners, pesticides, and engine fluids. When the yare combined with other chemicals they can become even more dangerous to the environment as they combine and seep into the soil. This can also poison animals who use landfills for food.

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