How much are 40 yard roll off dumpster rentals

The average costs of rentals for 40-yard roll-off dumpsters are $500. The cost for a container that is a 30-yard roll-off style ranges around $468.

40 Yard Dumpster Dimensions

40 cubic yard dumpsters have an average size of 22 feet in length by 7 ½ ft wide by 8 ft tall. Industry-standard says that 40 cubic yard dumpsters have weight limits from 8,000 lbs. – 10,000. In less technical terms meaning it holds around 9 pick up trucks worth of garbage. Bear in mind that an average rental for a dumpster is between 7 – 10 days, in any case, though it can be rented for longer if needed. If the project you are undertaking follows as below then perhaps a 40-yard dumpster is perfect for you.

  • Room Makeover
  • Office Movement
  • Moving
  • Junk Removal
  • Estate Sale Cleaning
  • Renovations for a Business

Any excess tonnage inside the bin additional charges may apply. Along with other things such as late fees and even fuel surcharges. To be honest when it comes to returning the dumpster to avoid any nasty surprises when you receive your statement.


Fees Associated with Dumpster Overages range between $40-$100 PER ton.

Do you enjoy money and want to save $100 or more? Try to shift and make the downsize to a 10-yard dumpster. 40 yards is quite large and could very well be bigger than anticipated. Here are three main points to consider when coming to your decision.

  • Details are key. Explain everything that you plan on doing with the dumpster to your rental company. They are the experts after all, and in the realm of their experience, they will be able to provide an exactly accurate estimate of the cost of weight/rental.
  • Overthinking? Just select the bigger size, in the end, you may even save money due to the avoidance of the overages in the garbage.
  • Avoid common problems such as other people utilizing your rental to throw their own trash in it, or in any instance the issue with rain as well. Be wary of both as putting a simple tarp over the top can solve your issues almost instantly.

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